Restoration, Building, Pointing, and Architectural Masonry

About Us

Castle Masonry & Restoration is built upon a skilful combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern stone repair technology, the company has a reliable and highly skilled work force.

Our most valuable resources are our craftsmen, some having been in the stone masonry trade for over 25 years, all of whom possess traditional skills – skills that are becoming increasingly rare. As a company, we are addressing this issue through apprenticeships. Our aim is to promote a solid understanding of conservation work throughout our staff. Castle Masonry has developed a team of specialist stone masons with a commitment to both traditional craftsmanship and modern repair skills in the specialist fields of Building, Restoration, Conservation & Stone Masonry.

The company has an excellent Health and Safety record and is committed to improving Health and Safety on site and enforcing all current legislation. It is committed to training employees with regular safety awareness courses and to environmental issues. It has a proactive policy keeping waste materials to a minimum on all working sites. We hope you find this information useful, should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to supply references.